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Corporate & Energy Finance

Toeppich and Associates has assisted clients with the financing of reserve-based lending transactions as well as other financing arrangements common to the energy industry. Our attorneys work on asset-, reserve- and balance sheet-based energy loan transactions covering upstream oil and gas exploration, acquisitions, project development, pipeline, storage, and marketing activities and operations.

Toeppich and Associates also assists with the financing of energy projects, employing a wide variety of financing mechanisms, including structured debt and equity, hedging arrangements, securitizations, loan, security and intercreditor documentation, production payments, net profits interests, prepaid gas sales bond financing, off-balance sheet financing, synthetic and leveraged leasing structures, interest rate swaps and derivatives, and credit enhancement vehicles. We also compose legal opinions necessary to complete such transactions, and have the capability to help our clients to restructure outstanding debt, manage debtholders’ meetings, and negotiate with institutional debt holders, underwriters, and rating agencies.

In addition, our firm works in public and private corporate finance transactions. Our firm assists issuers in a full range of securities transactions, including initial and secondary private offerings, Rule 144A transactions, debt offerings, consent solicitations and tender offers. Our attorneys represent parties to complex legal transactions in the energy sector, including specialty capital-raising instruments such as royalty trusts.

Our attorneys also assist clients with structuring and filing a variety of business ventures to minimize risk, maximize rewards, and protect our clients’ rights and resources. These transactions include Regulation D funds, family limited partnerships, corporate reorganizations and other arrangements.

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