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Oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and storage is a unique business that requires pragmatic experience. Since 2008, Toeppich and Associates has been at the forefront of shale oil and shale gas development, providing counsel to our clients engaged in shale plays across the United States. We help clients develop strategies to navigate this rapidly changing landscape and maximize its opportunities while managing their risks, rights and resources.

Texas is at the heart of the oil and gas industry, and our experience and strong Texas base uniquely positions us to help our clients capitalize on the opportunities presented by shale plays across the country. We represent clients involved in every stage of development, from upstream prospect generation and lease negotiation, to midstream infrastructure development, to downstream marketing and delivery. We represent large oil and gas corporations, oilfield services providers and financial institutions. Our attorneys have been involved in almost every major shale play in the United States, including the Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Niobrara, Greenhorn, Bakken, Cline, and Marcellus formations, as well as many smaller plays. We understand each region’s unique characteristics, from land use issues to the local regulatory environment. Because we hire attorneys with prior industry experience, our firm's intuitive knowledge provides a significant advantage to our clients, enabling us to take the guesswork out of complex projects.

Our attorneys are skilled in structuring and negotiating complex deals including joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financings, and other arrangements. We also have experience with permitting, easement and condemnation matters. When controversies and disputes arise, our litigation practice is ready for energy-related disputes.

Toeppich and Associates also participates in the financing of energy projects utilizing a variety of limited recourse and non-recourse financing mechanisms, including structured debt and equity investments, hedging, securitizations, loan, security and intercreditor arrangements, volumetric production payments, net profits interests, prepaid gas sales, off-balance sheet financing, swaps and derivatives, credit enhancement vehicles, and associated legal opinions necessary to complete such transactions. These financing transactions have included junior and mezzanine debt and intercreditor arrangements among lenders lending on a pari-passu basis or on a senior and subordinated basis. We also assist our clients in restructuring outstanding debt, managing debt holders’ meetings, and negotiating with institutional debt holders, underwriters, rating agencies and credit enhancers.

In addition, our firm works in public and private corporate finance transactions. Our clients in corporate finance transactions include energy companies, private equity funds, investment banks and financial advisors performing services for energy companies.

Because we represent landowners, producers and financial institutions, we understand where their interests converge – and where they collide – and are able to offer solutions to help them achieve their goals while effectively managing their risks, rights and resources.

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